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"They Did A Beautiful Job."

Mr. Norman:
Well, everything went very smoothly. We had to get all the approval for everything. But from that point on, everything went smoothly. The workers came in. They worked. They did the job. They did a beautiful job.

They really took care of everything they did. They cleaned up after themselves. They were very nice to work with. They were very, very good workers. Overall, it was a good experience. It's much better than I have had with other experiences.

After a day and a half, they were done.

Ms. Karen:
That's nice. We're happy.

Mr. Norman:
It's so nice that we got it done before the holidays.

Ms. Karen:
We're having then look here. It's so nice.

Mr. Norman:
We'll have it available now.

Ms. Karen:
I really like it.

If you have any other projects, you know who to call, right?

Mr. Norman:
Oh, I do. I should do that.

Mr. Norman and Ms. Karen
Delray Beach, FL

Ms. Karen, Mr. Norman And Kilian

"They Were Very Nice To Work With."


"They Were Very, Very Good Workers."

"You Did A Very Good Job."

The project we did was an outside project. We did some demolition work on a pretty big concrete pillar. And then there are also some of the trusses outside the house.

The five trusses are attached. It was very much more like a 1970 design or a 1990 house that kind of thing. You guys came in. You removed it. You came much faster than expected.

It was very quick, and you worked really quickly in that weather.

So, you came in. You did a very good job. Removed the stuff quickly and did the repairs very nicely. I also took off the satellite dish and made everything smooth there. And you basically did it for 40% cheaper than your competitors.

I'd be honest with you: it's not that you underestimated the job. It was that they clearly overestimated. If you give them the amount of time it was done, you hit right on its accurate price. And that's one of the reasons I caught you guys, too.

I got ripped off of a roof there. So I learned my lesson very well. I had to get contractors. And I did a lot of reviews about you on the web and everything. I got all the good stuff. So you definitely match what people said.

If there's anything in the future, then you can give us a call.

I will.

Mr. Richard
Boca Raton, FL

Mr. Richard And Kilian

"You Basically Did It For 40% Cheaper Than Your Competitors."


"You Definitely Match What People Said."

"The Work Was Fantastic."

Well, overall, it was a very positive experience. Killian was very professional. He came here and explained everything to me. I had to get this past the board and the condo board, and they were very helpful with providing all the proper documentation that I needed to satisfy the board that everything was going to be done properly with the sound barrier, etc.

So, within a matter of days, I had board approval, so I was very happy about that. The work was fantastic. We're totally pleased with it. The workers were really professional in the way they were laid down on the floor. We're a completely satisfied customer, and we hope to have more work done by GC General.

We have more work to do, but we may take a short break before that's done.

And I'll certainly recommend GC General to other people.

Thank you.

Mr. Alan
Boynton Beach, FL

Mr. Alan And Kilian

"We're Totally Pleased With It."


"I'll Certainly Recommend GC General To Other People."

"We Had a Really Great Experience With You Guys."

We had a really great experience with you guys.

It looks great. It's durable, and I'm sure it's going to be excellent.

It looks good. It is durable. It's exactly what my sister was hoping for, and I would highly recommend working with GC General.

Thanks for everything.

Mr. Frank Cagnetto
Delray Beach, FL

 Kilian And Frank Cagnetto

"I Would Highly Recommend Working With GC General."


"It Looks Good."

"Everything Was Very Nice."

Everything was very nice.

And I'm glad that the Floor & Decore present you. It was very nice of them because I am very satisfied with your job and the job your people did in my house. Because they were very wonderful. They're very nice and very good workers.

And I'm happy with everything. By the way, it's a much shorter time than they expected. And they're very clean. They're very professional, and I'm glad.

I'm very happy with the work. I'm very happy with your company.

So, we did about 8, 900 square feet roughly?

I believe more. It's 950 only first. And under 50 for the bedroom.

Thank you so much for the kind words.

It was a very pleasure.

I'm very much happy. And I think your workers are happy with me because I wasn't on ahead. And I didn't complain about anything.

Ms. Susan
Boynton Beach, FL

Ms. Susan And Kilian

"I'm Very Happy With The Work. I'm Very Happy With Your Company."


"I Am Very Satisfied With Your Job And The Job Your People Did In My House."

"I'm Very Happy With It; It Looks Lovely"

I got in touch with GC General through Floor & Decor, where I bought the product. They were very easy to work with. Killian has been a gem. The installers that came were wonderful . Nelson was one of the installers; he was so helpful and really did the work perfectly.

I'm very happy with it; it looks lovely. It's everything that we dreamed of, and thank you, Kilian.

We loved it.

If there's any other install or vinyl that you want to do in the future, give us a call as well.

Excellent. I hope not. That was difficult. We had to clean out the closets and the clothes and cover things because we had carpet in here before, and it would be dusty, but it was done, and everything was taken care of perfectly.

Mr. Richard Sigler
Delray Beach, FL

Mr. Richard And Kilian

"They Were Very Easy To Work With."


"We Loved It"

"They Did A Beautiful Job."

My experience with you and your company has been nothing but a hundred percent satisfactory. The cost was reasonable.

The people who came to do the work were very professional; they worked very hard.

They did a beautiful job. The floor is perfect.

Robert Neilman
Boynton Beach, FL

Kilian And Mr. Robert Neilman

"The Cost Was Reasonable."


"The Floor Is Perfect."

"A Wonderful Job"

Certainly, I had good communication with the people at Floor And Decor. The woman who ordered my tile for me was very efficient and professional.

The tile was delivered on the date on which it was prearranged. And the gentleman who installed the tile arrived early.

They worked a very long day. They were here for four days and did a wonderful job. I'm happy with the outcome.

Helen Ellery
West Palm Beach, FL

Kilian And Helen Ellery

"I’m Happy With The Outcome"

"They Were Very Respectful And Very Knowledgeable"

I found kilian at Floor and Decor. And he called us, came out and measured everything, gave us a quote, and came on with his crew, quickly demolished the whole floor and the bathrooms, and got our project done as quickly as we could with delays.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for items to come in. So, but other than that, it was seamless. I was very happy with the gentleman who came to my home. They were very respectful and very knowledgeable, and thorough. So I'm very happy now that it's all done. I can enjoy it.

I'm very happy with it.

We also did the countertops and the backsplash for the kitchen.

I'm thrilled. They're beautiful.

I'm very happy. Anytime I called kilian, he was quick to call me back, so I always appreciated that.

Thank you, kilian. I appreciate it.

Ms. Kathy
Delray Beach, FL

Ms. Kathy And Kilian

"I’m Thrilled. They’re Beautiful."

"I Would Highly Recommend Them"

They did a great job. I would say maybe one bathroom was a little longer than the other, maybe eight days.

The other one was seven days. One bathroom had a washer and dryer. They took everything out. They put everything back in. I tested everything to make sure everything was working okay. The washer was leaking, so they came back a few times to fix that, and they did a great job. Every time I called them, they came out.

Kilian was a great guy. He translated everything from the workers to me so that I could understand exactly what was going on, step by step. I'm very happy with the work that they've done. I would highly recommend them.

You did a great job. I'm very proud, very happy.

Ann Funk
Boynton Beach, FL

Ann Funk And Kilian

"I’m Very Happy With The Work That They’ve Done."


"I Would Highly Recommend Them"

"Good Experience And A Good Job Finding"

Good experience and a good job finding. We got a big house there that was so big, and it would last ten days. They did a good job. The best.

Hopefully, the communication was okay.

It's okay; the guy supports that very nicely, very friendly.

If you guys need to talk to me for whatever reason, I'm always available.

You know, we call you, absolutely. My son will always call you. That's the way you got to.

Bretous Ferne
Lake Worth, FL

kilian And Bretous Ferne

"They Did A Good Job"


"The Guy Supports That Very Nicely, Very Friendly"

"Everything Looks Great"

I was in a bit of a bind. I had a previous tiler that I engaged with. He had done some minor work here before, but with the condo association, we had new rules in place where we needed a license and insurance.

And this previous guy didn't have insurance, and I called GC General and got a quick response. They responded that day, and we were under contract that day. And they were here a day later.

And it ended up being a two-day job of laying the tile down and then grouting the next day. And everything looks great, and I'm happy with the work.

Peter Vancisin
Delray Beach, FL

Peter Vancisin And Kilian

"I’m Happy With The Work"

"The Floor Is Gorgeous And Done Perfectly"

We've been looking around for flooring and have had people come out to the house and not help us out. So we got turned onto the floor in decor, found the flooring they liked, and asked them if they could find some help for installation. And, of course, they found Kilian, a great guy, great company.

He contacted us within 24 hours of us reaching out to him and then met us at the store within 24 to 48 hours. And we bought all the materials, and he guided us through that. And then, he picked up the materials prior to installation, brought them to the house, and brought them into the house.

And I don't know how he did it, because they're heavy as heck. We were left with a big mess here and dreaded having just done two bathrooms. We dread having construction done on the house. But guess what? Kilian changed our minds.

We brought in a crew of two young gentlemen, professional people who knew how to lay floors, that found out what we wanted and how we wanted it and proceeded to put the floor in. The first half was ripping up the carpet down to the cement, and that was easy. They finished that in less than a day.

The second one, the second half of the first day, they spent hammering jack, hammering up some tile, which I really loved. The noise was just wonderful, and it was very pleasing. But they jackhammered up all the tile, which was about 300 square feet; almost half was tile.

And they came upon superglue, which was used to put the stuff down. So they had to wind up skimming it, which they did. And left for the evening. Came back the next morning at 07:30 AM, started bright and early, and had the floor finished by 01:30 PM. So it was about a day and a half of installation, including the skin coating for the loose tile.

And as you can see, they did a great job on the baseboard. And the house is clean except for, I hate to say, a small layer of dust that they tried to avoid by putting up tarps throughout the house. There's still a layer of dust that came in just because of the vigorous jackhammering to get the tile up.

But they did a great job of cleaning up. You wouldn't know they were here. And the floor is gorgeous and done perfectly. It's vinyl with three different sizes of planking. And they got everything running and matched up well. So I had no problems with complaints.

What I recommend them to anybody to do, this team to do work and the answers. Absolutely. They did exactly what I asked them to do, went beyond, and did a great job. So thank you.

Gordon Landsman
Delray Beach, FL

Kilian And Gordon Landsman

"Great Guy, Great Company"


"I Recommend Them To Anybody"

"We Got Exactly What We Wanted"

First off, thank you for taking care of the project for us, you know, by hiring the contractor that you did. And it was so easy to explain to you what we wanted, and we got exactly what we wanted. I'm happy, so I'm happy about that.

And I love the job. It was done quickly, in two and a half days, and we are very happy with the bathroom. Thank you so much. Very happy.

Eventually, we want to do our master bathroom as well. And, of course, we will call you when we get to that point.

Liane Rolon
Boynton Beach, FL

Kilian And Liane Rolon

"I Love The Job."



"The Work Was Perfect"

"I was reluctant, nervous. I had to make a bunch of arrangements and things, but they made it very easy. Kilian explained things to me and Vanessa, the project manager, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The work is fabulous, there's just nothing else I could say. It's just taken this little condo and made it into a really nice, nice place to live.

The floor I had earlier, I never liked it when I bought the place and I always wanted to get rid of it, but an unfortunate accident forced me to get rid of it and I can't say anything else except that it's just perfect work.

This is your last project or maybe something else down the road?

I have another one I'd like a quote on. And like I said, the work was perfect and I recommend these guys any time. Like I said, my floor is fabulous, I'm really happy with it."

Rubin Wiford
High Point, FL

Rubin Wiford And Kilian

"Extremely Helpful And Knowledgeable. The Work Is Fabulous"


"I Can’t Say Anything Else Except That It’s Just Perfect Work."

"I Would Recommend Them To Anyone"

"They did an excellent job, everything was good and very professional, and they clean up after themselves. They met my grade, so my dining room, my living room and I had the vinyl installed in my kitchen and dining room about a year or so ago, they meshed the same floors perfectly with the existing grain.

They were just very professional, and very polite, and they did an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to hire for this install because they were really good and they're very eager to please.

The job was done in a day, right?

Yeah, it's guys one day. They got here about 8:30 am and that's about 4 or 5 pm, they still are. Good job very quickly. I would recommend them to anybody."

Holly Somer
Lake Worth, FL

Kilian And Holly Somer

"They Did An Excellent Job, Everything Was Good And Very Professional"


"They Were Just Very Professional, And Very Polite, And They Did An Excellent Job."

Job Done

"I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About This Team"

"So we were lucky enough to somehow be connected with Kilian and his team. We started with our upstairs, had all the flooring up there ripped out, and replaced with the new floor and it's such a wonderful job.

We have complicated stairs coming down, the cover was perfect, and everything matched wonderfully. We went out of their way to make sure that everything looked good. We like it so much that they come back and do the rest of our floor and it turned out just as beautiful as the first one.

I can't say enough good things about this team, the work that they do, and the way they go out of their way to make your project and your home look wonderful. Also very quickly responding, coming to the project very quickly and we're really happy with it. So thank you very much for all the things done by your team."

Rebecca Wark
Highland Beach, FL

Kilian And Rebecca Wark

"It’s Such A Wonderful Job."


"We’re Really Happy With It."

"They Did A Very, Very Good Job"

"I'm certainly very pleased with the installers, They were very thorough, exact, and friendly and they did a very, very good job on installing the floor and cleaned up after themselves very well.

I couldn't say enough about how pleased I was with the installation and the floor is beautiful."

Terry Sano
Lake Worth, FL

Kilian And Terry Sano

"They Were Very Thorough, Exact, And Friendly"


"I Couldn’t Say Enough About How Pleased I Was"

"I Highly Recommended It."

"Our experience is very clean. They came in, Nelson and his assistant. On time, they banged it out, these guys worked all day, then take lunch. They moved furniture, they vacuum, everything was neat, and Dusted the rooms. We couldn't ask for a better experience and the floor looks amazing so I highly recommended it.

You'll get any work in the future?

We appreciate it. We certainly will."

Bob Cowhey
Boyton Beach, FL

Bob Cowhey And Kilian

"Our Experience Is Very Clean."


"We Couldn’t Ask For A Better Experience"

"The Process Couldn’t Have Been Easier"

"The process couldn't have been easier from the minute we met kilian, he came over the same day, measured everything, and we picked out what we wanted.

We live in Chicago so this was a long distance, then we came back, and everybody was here when they were supposed to do the project, we don't It was supposed and couldn't be happier with it."

Ms. Langenstrass
Boyton Beach, FL

Kilian And Ms. Langenstrass

"Everybody Was Here When They Were Supposed To Do The Project"


"Couldn’t Be Happier With It."

"We Would Highly Recommend This Company"

"My experience is wonderful. I called up Kilian and he came in right away to measure the floors and make sure that we were satisfied with the quote for an installation. They were here within a few days. We even had a few hiccups and he made sure everything was taken care of.

For example, the original crew car broke down, I called kilian when they didn't show, and he called them up and within 3 hours, a new crew was here. They came in, they were very clean, and they installed the floor, It took them two and a half days, I think they felt under pressure to deliver, But they did.

We did notice that there were some issues with the flooring. They took care of any marks, any blemishes that were here. They scuffed the wall a little bit, But no worries, Veronica was here the next day, She cleaned the walls, she cleaned off the molding, and even brought her own paint to touch it up and we were thrilled, I mean, what could be better?

The floor looks amazing, and we would highly recommend this company to just come and do anything else that we needed."

Jodi Horn
Boyton Beach, FL

Kilian And Jodi Horn

"My Experience Is Wonderful."


"The Floor Looks Amazing"

"They Were Just So Polite, Thorough And Professional"

"Well, thank you, kilian. This is sort of like the ever growing saga of getting a floor done. We were supposed to do it in November and something came up and we were going to do it in December and something came up. And then January. So here we are in February. But kilian was so patient with all of us, all the changes, and came out and did some remeasurement and stuff.

And every time I asked him a question or asked him to do something, he was right there and extremely helpful. So when we finally did start the project, the crew that came out here and did the work were fantastic. You can see we've got two dogs. They were very friendly to the dogs. They never let the dog, never let the dogs out, which was quite a challenge.

But they never got the dogs out. And they did a super job. They cleaned everything up every day before they left and they were just so polite and so thorough and so professional. I'm really, really happy with the job we got done, and I certainly recommend this company. As you can see Kilian is very dog friendly.

This super company, super crew and super product, Kilian was very, very helpful and recommended the right product and helping me make the final selection. And now that it's all in, it was the perfect choice.

Thank you for all your patience and all your help. And again, they're a company that I will when we're ready to finish the house, they'll be back."

Cathy Kelly
Lake Worth, FL

Kilian And Ms. Cathy

"I’m Really, Really Happy With The Job We Got Done."


"I Certainly Recommend This Company."

"Working With GC General Was Fantastic."

"Working with GC General was fantastic. They were always available to answer any questions. Told me exactly what was required of the job and carried through with all of it. As far as the project starting, it started right on time. They were immediately available when they said they're gonna right to work on the project at 8 a.m, someone is here exactly at 8 a.m. Consistently every day.

And they were always available to answer any questions regarding installation or if I needed additional supplies. And even when I added a little bit more to the project than originally planned. Working with GC General, the service, their availability and their ability to get the job done on time, when they said they were going to get it done and right away was absolutely perfect.

I highly recommend GC General. Great price. Great service."

Ms. Marlene
Coconut Creek, FL

Ms. Marlene And Kilian

"They Were Always Available To Answer Any Questions"


"I Highly Recommend GC General. Great Price. Great Service."

Job Done

"I Would Definitely Use Them Again"

"My experience with kilian was phenomenal. Its first time I ever did this and it won't be the last.

My bedroom looks fantastic. He came early this morning, he came well-prepared, he worked very quickly with his helper and took all the garbage out. I would definitely use them again on other projects.

So I can't say enough good stuff about my experience with kilian and with Mel. Any time I ran into a problem, I called kilian and he was right there whether we help me or not, he listened to all who had to say. So he was a wonderful support to me and I appreciate that more than anything else."

Ms. Francis

Kilian And Ms. Francis

"My Bedroom Looks Fantastic."


"I Can't Say Enough Good Stuff About My Experience"

Job Done

"Thank You Very Much For Your Professionalism"

"First of all, thank you very much for your professionalism. I worked with GC General for two days now. It was a seamless process. We started off going looking for the flooring that I would like.

And then with your expertise, you gave me the shopping list of the materials that we needed for the job. That was very easy.

The workers came out. They were on time and took about two days as predicted, and it's coming along very, very nicely."

Ms. Victoria
Boca Raton, FL

Kilian And Ms. Victoria

"It’s Coming Along Very, Very Nicely"


"That Was Very Easy"

"It Looked Better Than New"

"Five minutes ahead of time which itself or it is almost unheard of we were really that they showed up when they said they were going to. They got set up, they explained to us what they were going to do and how they were going to do it set their work area and I mean they worked consistently, they didn't stop and dilly dally on the phone or anything.

I mean these guys actually got in here and you could tell they were professional, they knew what they were doing. They were here doing two rooms and four hours which absolutely was amazing, cleaned up. You can't even tell they've been here. That's the beauty of it is spent and they left it with some beautiful floors.

Did a wonderful job in a day and a half of completely redoing a 600 square foot condo. It ain't came out great, it looked better than new we when they got through with it."

Mr. John

Kilian And Mr. John

"You Could Tell They Were Professional"


"Did A Wonderful Job"

Job Done

"They Did A Great Job."

"The installation went very smoothly, it was very easy to schedule. They were right there at the store. The guy showed up, I guess, within two days they did a great job.

They work all day. Didn't even take a break. The job was completed in two days and I'm very satisfied. It looks great and everyone was easy to deal with."

Ms. Robin

Kilian And Ms. Robin

"They Work All Day."


"It Looks Great"

Job Done

"We Couldn't Be Happier."

"He came out and estimates it was fair, affordable price. They were clean light, the work is incredible. Craftsmanship and everything. You did.

They cleaned up each day after they left, right before they left. I'm very happy with the work they did. If somebody can afford, it's something that we had just done in the weeks time. It was so quick, efficient. We couldn't be happier. thanks again, kilian."

Mr. Ron

Kilian And Mr. Ron

"The Work Is Incredible."


"I'm Very Happy With The Work They Did."

Job Done

"By Far The Best Quality For The Best Price"

This was just something that I saw on TV and really wanted to incorporate it into the house. I got a couple of looks of, I don't know if you should do that, but it came out really, really well. I'm really happy with the final.

It was a really great job that was completed in a very manageable timeframe, within a week of me calling to schedule an evaluation and an estimate. I had a start date and everything was done within the 10 days that I had asked for it to be done in. And so, that was great. The entire time, I was kept in the loop. There was constant communication.

I'm really just happy with the outcome, and it was a great affordable price. I had a couple of people come out and give us an estimate. This one was by far the best quality for the best price.

Lauren Elliott
Delray Beach, FL

Gilberto, Mrs. Lauren And Kilian

"I'm Really Happy With The Final."


"It Was A Really Great Job That Was Completed In A Very Manageable Timeframe"

"I Highly Recommend Them"

So you did the office, which came out absolutely spectacular, great workmanship throughout the whole house. The hall area has fabulous moldings. Everything was installed by your crew, which was efficient and always on time and clean, neat. What a pleasure.

The wall was a catastrophe before GC General got their hands on it and they got the best of the best. And you would never even know that there was something there. It came out smooth as silk, the walls, as you can see for yourself, outstanding work, perfect, beautiful.

So here was really interesting because not only did the floor tile come out excellent. They had to cut around a Murphy bed and have it fit just right, and it is perfect. I highly recommend them for any work you may consider doing. They do it in a timely fashion. They're neat, clean, and responsible. You can always reach them at any time. Email, text, phone, whatever.

You will come back and do your fantastic work as always. I have no doubt. You've done many houses for me. I love your work, it's excellent. It's a fair price, a very fair price for an excellent job, thanks so much. I will use you again and again.

Mona Caporrino
Boca Raton, FL

Gilberto, Mrs. Mona And Kilian

"Absolutely Spectacular, Great Workmanship"


"Outstanding Work, Perfect, Beautiful."


"I Love Your Work, It's Excellent. It's A Fair Price, A Very Fair Price For An Excellent Job"

"I Was Very Pleased At The End Of This Experience"

I'm happy to say I was very pleased at the end of this experience. I had just a short amount of time to get this big job done. We had to demo the floors and install the floors and put in new floor boards. And the whole project was done in five days. People showed up at least 5:00 every morning, they worked all day long.

From the time that I first met Kilian, and we chose the product and he helped me get it delivered, and he was always available to me via text. I also had contact with Gilberto about the demo.

The most important thing for me was the time because I had only a short amount of time off work. And I was very, very impressed with how hard everybody worked that came to the house. They were all very pleasant, and polite, and super hardworking. And I'm very happy with the way the floors turned out. And big job, very big job.

Ingrid Gunnlaugsson
Pompano Beach, FL

Gilberto, Mrs. Ingrid And Kilian

"The Whole Project Was Done In Five Days."


"They Were All Very Pleasant, And Polite, And Super Hardworking."

"A Great, Professional Job"

A little bit about the job we did together: we did around 400 square feet of vinyl flooring.

For a living room, dining area, and hallway.

And so we removed the carpet.

Carpet for the living room. It had quite a carpet, and that was completely removed. The dining area, and a hallway had an older vinyl which had become wet and had to go.

It was pretty badly damaged.

Badly damaged, yes. There was a leak in the air conditioning system. And that destroyed it. And I went to the store for decor, and I saw just what I wanted, the color I wanted. At a great price, clearance. And it just exceeded my expectations, how it looks. The installation process was seamless. The guys were here at the time. They said we would be here; they moved furniture, no problem. I'd taken everything else out of here.

Moved the furniture. I mean, I wasn't here. I took my dogs away elsewhere for the duration, which was good. And it started at eight in the morning and ended by, like, early afternoon at 02:30. They were done. And I was amazed by how quickly the whole thing was done, and it looked so spectacular.

So professional and beautiful finishing. I mean, I love what they did. The two dogs love it too. They like the flooring a lot better. It was cooler or whatever than the car building, that's for sure. So it's a win-win all around as far as I was concerned. From the store, they had to talk to the installation company about such a great, professional job.

As I said, it was amazing. And by Sunday, I had everything back in place again. And it's like it was always here. Absolutely, I would do it all over again. I have a couple more rooms, or bedrooms, that I made. I would look into the future. This is the top priority for me.

Just the living areas where I spend most of my time. Well, the dogs love the course. Scampering around the floor.

I think it's a perfect fit. The colors went really well. I thought of wood. I'd like to think that I knew what I wanted. The fact that I saw what I wanted and it was on clearance, which was perfect.

So it was a win-win all around. And it looks like it's going to be here forever. That's for sure. And you look at it, and the finishing is great. It's great to have professionals who can come in, and you don't have to call them back and say, well, could you do this, do that, or do it the other way? I didn't like this, or I didn't like that.

I would literally say no, because I'm on camera right now. It was flawless. I wouldn't change a thing. I would do it again. And I would recommend, without hesitation, you guys do any future projects. I, any friends of mine, or anybody I know. I would say, yeah, go for it, absolutely.

Very happy. Just to look at it now. I'm still going through the process, the early stages of getting used to it. And every time I look at it, I just go, wow, look at this. Why didn't I do this a year ago?

But it's done now, and that's the important thing. Going forward, I'm just very, very, very, very thrilled. Nobody's been here yet to see it. But the photographs have been flying around the world, literally. Because I have family in Europe, here in the United States, up in New York, and places like that. California, Ireland, and Germany.

And they're all admiring the work. Oh, it's great. So yeah. Come to Christmas and times like that, Thanksgiving. They'll be able to see it firsthand. Some of them, anyway.

Although that's in the color climates, I can understand the carpeted foot, but in areas like kitchens and bathrooms and in hallways and all that kind of stuff, even the living room, there are a lot of area rugs and that kind of stuff.

If you want to soft it, stuff it if you wish. And that's something I'll try to think about as I go on with right now. Look at it. I'm so happy.

And if you need to do the rest of the house.

Then I will touch you. Absolutely. I know where to go. I'm not going to shop around anymore. I've done my shopping around, and that's it. When it works out as well as this, that's it. I'm now at the stage of making recommendations rather than shopping around.

It takes time to do your homework, and then you feel good about it afterward. So, yeah. Which change? Anything in the answers is resounding. No, that's all.

Go for it. You won't regret it.

Desmond Crawford
Delray Beach, FL

Kilian And Desmond

"I Was Amazed By How Quickly The Whole Thing Was Done, And It Looked So Spectacular."


"So Professional And Beautiful Finishing. I Love What They Did."